Last day of August, 2014.

This day is such an emotional day for me. I woke up filled with good vibes, then when I went down, bad vibes greeted me. I even had words that are not pleasing out of my mouth, due to my emotions. I regretted saying them right after they got out of my mouth.

Thankfully, my afternoon became pleasant again. I was able to work in peace, and had accomplished everything early. Still feeling so blessed!

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A classmate of mine in Science Reporting complimented my news writing ability. When our professor gave us back our articles, which we need to revise for a final article, my paper doesn’t have any red marks. Obviously, it means, everything that I’ve written in that article is right and news-worthy. Then when I got back to my seat, my seatmate asked to borrow my paper for her to scan. When she gave back the article to me, she told me that she thinks I’m good at writing news.

It’s so nice to hear that from other people because to be honest, I doubt my news writing skills too much. I know that it is my weakness, because I am more of a feature writer than a news writer. But, it feels so great to know that I can excel in news, too. Praise God! ❤️

My baby looked more handsome without his mustache! Yey!! So adorable. Hahaha. I love you! ❤️

August 29, 2014.

I haven’t updated this blog for I-don’t-know-how-many-days-already, and I finally felt the separation anxiety for blogging. I am not that busy for this week; I am actually really lazy to blog, while my week is quite eventful.

Anyway, my weekend is occupied, and again, by school works! What’s new? Haha. My to-do list for tomorrow and on Sunday includes:
- Transcribing interviews that I conducted for my PR homework.
- Editing 2 news articles (one for News Writing, and the other, for Science Reporting)
- Filling up my journal for Phil. Literature.
- Searching for the homework in Rizal.

I am allowing myself to chill out and just relax this night, and just face my responsibilities tomorrow. Fighting!

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Finally! My only problem for my requirements this week is my journal in Phil. Lit (our professor should collect them by now!!! Pretty please, sir.), my news article, and our interview homework for PR (which, IDEK when’s the deadline). I’m happy! Tomorrow is another free day so I’ll finish them all (except the PR homework because it’s not that clear) and I’ll just fangirl and spazz and everything! Yehey bye!

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Journalism seminar plus UE vs. ADMU game with blockmates = my August 20, 2014. ❤️

just a friendly reminder that you don’t have to justify your taste in music, movies, or books to anyone and if certain people make you feel bad or ashamed over stuff you like you should probably just tell them to fuck off 

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AU: Tris & Tobias Long Distance Relationship

  • *texting*
  • Tobias: hey six
  • Tris: hey for
  • Tobias: you didn't spell my name correctly
  • Tris: i know, i'm missing u

"I’m becoming more silent these days. I’m speaking less and less in public. But my eyes, god damn, my eyes see everything."